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Patient right and responsibilities


Patients' Rights:

  • To receive the needed medical treatment and keeping his right of living, respect, and safety away from any exploitation.

  • To have his case diagnosed and cured by the best available methods in the hospital and assisting him through seeking the assistance of specialists.

  • To obtain a report on his health condition and results of investigations as per instructions issued in favor of organizing issuance of medical reports.

  •  To request other physician's consultation to diagnose his case and provide him with medical treatment after the approval of attendant physician.

  • To request the attendant doctor not to tell patient's relatives about the fact of his disease or to determine certain person/s whom will be informed about his disease in the cases that will threaten patient's life or incurable diseases.

  • No medical action shall be made except pursuant to his willingness and approval of his representative if his willingness is not considered. Emergency cases that will need immediate medical interference for saving the patient's life shall be excluded from this requirement.

  • To be provided with enough explanation on the nature of medical or surgical action to be provided to.

  • To keep in strict confidentiality all information related to his case, and it will be prohibited to be disclosed except in cases stipulated under the regulations.

Patients' Responsibilities:

  • To provide complete and accurate information to the treating team particularly, medical history, medical problems, and medicines the patient is taking currently (that will be presented to hospital if possible). In case of pregnancy, the patient shall inform the treating team about such medicines and problems.

  • Patient or guardian shall be responsible for deterioration of his health due to refusing the medical treatment or admission into the hospital or be subject to diagnosis or non-compliance to treating team instructions. This will include following a recommended plan of curing and taking the prescribed medicines in appropriate times and in specified doses.

  • Patient shall inform the treating team if he felt that he is incapable of continuing in receiving treatment or if any change occurred in his health condition. Also, he shall obtain as much as necessary information that will qualify him for taking appropriate decisions in relation to his treatment, and not to allow others to use the same whatever the cases will be. He shall be allowed to place questions to have an idea on the contents of the form of approval to medical treatment prior to signing the same.

  • To present his medical card when he visits the hospital.

  • To deal with hospital's employees and other patients friendly, kindly, and respectfully. And he shall be careful when using hospital's property.

  • To abstain from smoking in all hospital facilities.

  • To abstain from operating mobile phone in hospital facilities, as it affects some vital medical equipment.

  • To keep appointments and inform appointment division if he becomes unable to visit the hospital as determined already.

  • To respect the privacy of other inpatients and not cause any inconvenience.

  • To abstain from accompanying children during visiting the outpatient clinic in order to keep them away from being exposed to any disease.

  • The person accompanying the patient who is less than 12 years of age shall abide to hospital instructions.

  • To comply to regulations of the hospital and outpatient clinics, and shall abide to warning signs and educational posters (e.g. insulation rooms, visit instructions, and no smoking signs etc.).

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