The Security Forces Hospital program is keen to provide top quality health care services to the Ministry of Interior, Sate Security Presidency and the Prosecutor's Office staff and their families, through providing of a number of electronic services which are directed at the patients and visitors, which allow them to have access to them at any time and from any place, in accordance with specific standards and a timeframe for providing the service, taking into account any emergent conditions or any conditions which are beyond the reasonable control of the hospital, or absence of some of these services or official holidays.

All information in this portal shall be treated with utmost privacy, confidentiality and equity, in accordance with the hospital's regulations and policies and the international standards of the electronic transactions. The hospital shall respond(if necessary)vide SMS or email or the electronic portal, within the specified period ,which may be less or more, depending on the circumstances.

In case of service interruption, we have the pleasure to receive your feedback vide the patients electronic portal of the hospital website

Patients Services

 Name of serviceService delivery mechanismAvailabilityTime of service deliveryLink
1E-service Registration Electronic24/7ImmediateClick here
2Opening and renewal of medical files ConventionalOfficial working hoursBusiness day-
3Response to patients enquiries*Electronic24/73 business daysClick here




Patients electronic services portal

 Name of serviceService delivery mechanismAvailabilityTime of service deliveryLink
4Booking an appointment with the family , community , dental  and western Riyadh clinics*Electronic

Saturday- Wednesday

4 p.m. until end of appointments





Click here

5Cancel an appointment with the family , community , dental  and western Riyadh clinicsElectronic24/7Direct
6Appointment to repeat prescription*Electronic24 hours, from Saturday-WednesdayDirect
7 Review of x-ray imageElectronic24/7Direct
8Request to liaison with the hospital departmentsElectronic24/7Direct
9Recovery of passwordElectronic24/7DirectClick here
10 Enquiry about an appointmentElectronic27/7DirectClick here​
Enquiry about the medicines dispensed and typing thereofElectronic24/7
DirectClick here
12Enquiry about the medical fileElectronic24/7DirectClick here
13Enquiry about the x-ray examination reportElectronic24/7DirectClick here
14Enquiry about medical report Electronic24/7DirectClick here
15Print of the medical file cards*ConventionalOfficial working hoursDirect-
16Printing of hospitalization appointments *ConventionalOfficial working hoursDirect-
17Printing of clinics appointments*ConventionalOfficial working hoursDirect-
18Print of sick leaves*ConventionalOfficial working hoursDirect-
19Print of consultation notices *ConventionalOfficial working hoursDirect-
20Print of the lab test results and the x-ray reports*ConventionalOfficial working hoursDirect-
21Request to change or cancel an appointment with the out-patient clinics vide the e-portal*Electronic24/73 business daysClick here
22Issue of birth notification certificateConventionalOfficial working hoursDirect-
23Issue of death notification certificateConventional24/7Direct-
24Register an appointment for  repeat medicine *ConventionalOfficial working hoursDirect-
25Receive complaints*Conventional 24/7Direct-
26 Request to transfer patients*Conventional 24/7Direct-
27Make an appointment with mobile notary public*ConventionalOfficial working hoursDirect-
28Request to issue  Ifada Program reports*ConventionalOfficial working hoursDirect-
29Issue of medical reports*ConventionalOfficial working hoursNor later than 14 business days, taking into account that some reports may take long time-
30Request to cancel an appointment for hospitalization at out-patient clinicsElectronic24/7 3 business daysClick here
31Cancelation and renewal of physiotherapy and x-ray appointmentsConventionalOfficial working hoursDirect-
32Blood donation serviceConventionalOfficial working hoursOne hour-
33Print of lab test resultsConventionalOfficial working hoursOne hour-

Issue of medical supplies and devices to the patientsConventionalOfficial working hoursDirect-

* Official holidays are excluded

Suppliers Services

 Name of serviceService delivery mechanismAvailabilityTime of service deliveryLink
35e-registration of new suppliersConventionalOfficial working hoursDirect-
36Suppliers data updateConventionalOfficial working hoursone business day-
37Suppliers information service (invoices)ConventionalOfficial working hoursDirect-
38Available competitions Electronic24/7DirectClick here
39Direct purchase ordersElectronic24/7DirectClick here


Recruiting Services

 Name of serviceService delivery mechanismAvailabilityTime of service deliveryLink
40Enquiry about vacanciesElectronic24/7DirectClick here
41Employment application Electronic24/7DirectClick here
42Registration in seminars, conferences and training programsElectronic24/7DirectClick here