The Security Forces Hospital took great steps in the development and improvement of preventive, curative and rehabilitative health services. The role of the hospital was not limited to the traditional role of specialized hospitals in the provision of comprehensive medical care, but also exceeded the role of the hospital. The hospital became an educational and training center officially recognized by many of the local and international medical institutes. The Hospital also paid great attention to the development of the workforce as the main pillar for the provision of integrated health services that are in line with the steady developments in the medical field.

The hospital management also works to develop the capabilities of the national talent from its employees, and to provide an incubating environment for innovation, creativity and excellence. We see patents in the medical fields from the international patent offices. The fields of medicine published in magazines and periodicals scientific and medical advancements. Every year, the hospital offers multiple medical achievements at the local, regional and global levels, including rare and successful surgeries and innovative medical research and studies.​