1.What are the required documents to open a medical file?

- Opening the medical file for those working in the Riyadh area requires bringing the following documents to the registration department: (To open a registered medical file, it is required from the those who are working in Riyadh to bring the following …)

  1. An Identification  letter of introduction from the employer addressed to the hospital, original retirement document or retirement card for retirees.
  2. Original of Identification Card (ID).
  3. Original of Family Card (FR).

2.How to modify the mobile number which is registered in the medical file?

  By visiting the hospital's central registration department during official working hours.

3.How to open a medical file for a new baby?

  To add a new baby , you should bring the original family card , with the new baby  added.

  • A letter from the employer issued from work in Riyadh if the child is older than one year. (When the child is over one year old, you should get a letter from the employer provided that the work in Riyadh.)

4.How can I book an appointment by mobile phone?

  To take advantage of the hospital's IVR system, you should call the mobile phone number registered in the medical file.

5.How can I inquire  about and print my appointments?

   You can view your appointments or your family members' through the portal at the link (WWW.SFH.MED.SA).

6.How  can I  book an appointment in Family and Community Medicine Clinics and in outpatient clinics in the western of Riyadh?

Appointments are booked at Family and Community Medicine Clinics and outpatient Polyclinics in West Riyadh through the Patient Services Portal at (WWW.SFH.MED.SA ) or call the number assigned for appointment (920003688). The specialist will refer the patient to outpatient clinics, if necessary.

7.What can I do if I come late for the scheduled appointment?

  In case  of the patient is late for more than (30) minutes, he should refer  to the receptionist and inform him.

8.How can i postpone or modify the date of appointment in the outpatient clinics and I am outside Riyadh region?

   Go to the Security Forces Hospital's portal on (WWW.SFH.MED.SA) or visit the health centers of the medical services.

9.“I did not attend to my appointment at the outpatient clinics  for three times in a row, how can reschedule the appointment?

If the patient is unable to attend  the scheduled appointment for   three times, it is necessary to follow up Family and Community Medicine Clinics or polyclinics in western of Riyadh to reassess the patient's health status and refer him to the appropriate specialized outpatient clinic. For patients outside Riyadh region, a new application attached with a recent medical report of his case, issued from the medical center from his region, must be submitted.

10.How can I postpone the hospitalization date?

   You can postpone your hospitalization by calling the Admission Office, preferably three days in advance.

11.Does the date of hospitalization means confirming  the booking of the hospital bed?

   The scheduled hospitalization does not mean booking of the hospital bed, but rather the bed booking  should be confirmed by calling the admission office on the numbers mentioned in the hospitalization date card.

12.What should I do if the day is different from the date specified on the appointment card?

 If the appointed date on the card differs with the corresponding day, please adhere to the day and not the date and contact the admission department to confirm the appointment.

13. Do I have the right to accompany an admitted patient?

Accompanying the admitted patient inpatient is subject to the approval of the attending physician. Except the inpatient children younger 11 years, the mother or a relative of first degree can accompany the child, provided that they should be healthy, and mother should not be pregnant and not infected with an infectious disease.

  • While noting that it is forbidden to accompany patients (children - adults) in intensive care units (ICU).

14.What are the requirements for birth  notification?

  1. The presence of one of the parents.
  2. Bring the original family card of the father, including the wife, along with the original of the national ID of the informer.
  3. Bring the vaccination card received from the maternity department.
  4. Abide by the order mentioned in the article (33) of the executive regulations of the civil status law, which stipulates the persons in charge of reporting new births in the absence of a parent.

15. How do I get a medicine refill in Family and Community Medicine Clinics?

 You can get a medicine refill by booking an appointment at the Family and Community Medicine Clinic by logging into the hospital website (Patient Services Portal). First, select make an appointment, then choose Family and Community Medicine, and select the medicine Refill Clinic, and finally, confirm the appointment; or by calling (920003688) select make an appointment, then choose Family and Community Medicine, and finally, select the medicine Refill Clinic.

16.Why is the approval of pregnancy follow at the Ob/Gyn clinic is rejected for the pregnant woman who her pregnancy exceeding  (28) weeks, and  she did not  follow up before  at Ob/Gyn clinic in the Hospital?

According to the regulations of the Security Forces Hospital, follow-up of pregnancy at the maternity clinic is required before 28 weeks.

17.Why the icon of the Ob/Gyn clinic on the hospital site doesn't appear to my wife or daughter?

When accessing the Patient Services Portal, you must select the patient's file  from family members' list, and then select the patient's file and log-in to the appointment list.

18.How to request or renew a medical report?

To request a medical report or to renew a previous one, you must fill the application form at the Medical Reports Reception Office, or a letter sent by the applicant of the medical report by fax to 0114764757.


19.What are the required documents to transfer a patient to the Security Forces Hospital?

  1. Fill the  transfer  application form.
  2. Bring a detailed and updated medical report.
  3. The patient is entitled to treatment in the Security Forces Hospital.

20.How to transfer the patient to the homecare program? 

​The patient should be hospitalized, and the attending physician evaluates his / her medical condition to be referred to the home care department to determine  the  patient need for transferring to the program .