To achieve SFHP Mission and Vision the Following Goals are highlighted:
  1. Positioning SFHP as a center of excellence/ quality- cultured organization that fosters Continuous Quality Improvement of Care Services, meeting national and international standards. 
  2. Ensure appropriate, adequate, accessible care and services along continuum of care, through strengthening hospital relation with community partners and external health providers to improve integration of services. 
  3. Evolution of SFHP to be an e-Health Organization. 
  4. SFH acts as a model for best utilization Hospital facility where resources are planned, managed, allocated effectively in accordance to the workload and requirement, maintaining a patient centered decision making. 
  5. Ensure hazard free facility, towards safer and secured healthcare environment. 
  6. Maintaining appropriate competent staffing pattern is our targeted return of investment. 


In our commitment and pursuit of EXCELLENCE; We TRUST that our dedicated efficient, competent physicians and staff, and their capacity for change INNOVATION within our ETHICS – driven culture are our greatest strengths.
To keep dignity, RESPECT, confidentiality, and privacy of all Ministry of Interior (MOI) employees and their families, co-operation and TEAM WORK are the best way to accomplish our goals.