​The mission of the Hospital is to provide the highest level of patient care. We understand, acknowledge and respect any individual's right to privacy and any concerns that may arise on the issue of privacy and security. We also recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of information provided by our patients and website users.

Important note: Notification of hospital privacy practices is an independent document governing how your information is used and disclosed.

Medical Disclaimer:

If this is a medical emergency, please call the emergency staff (997) for immediate medical attention. Do not rely on electronic means of communication for assistance with you urgent medical needs. E-mail is not intended to facilitate medical emergencies. The Hospital cannot guarantee response times if you decide to use this e-mail or electronic means of communication in case of a medical emergency.

Personal Information:

Any visitor can access and browse our website at any time without providing any personal information. We do not collect information that can identify you, unless you decide to provide it.

In addition, the hospital will not share any personally identifiable information with any third party who has no relationship with the hospital, except in cases where we must provide it for legal or investigative purposes, or if the patient is instructed by appropriate authorization.


From time to time, we conduct a questionnaire for visitors to our site. The information generated from these questionnaires is used to help us understand the needs of our visitors so that we can make improvements to our website. In general, we do not request information that can identify you personally. If we have already requested you contact information, you may decline to provide it. If questionnaires provide personal information (such as an e-mail address) in any questionnaire, they are only shared with  those who need to see it in order to respond to the question or request.


"Phishing" is a fraud to steal your personal information. If you receive a similar email from the hospital requesting your personal information, do not respond to this email. We will never request your password, username or any other personal information by email.

Username and password

If you access any service that requires your username and password, you are solely responsible for maintaining the strict confidentiality of you username and password.

Non-Personal Information:

The administration supervising the site at the hospital collects non-personal information such as website usage, traffic patterns, site performance and statistics which is based on our follow-up of you visits to the website.


IP Addresses

The network server automatically collects the IP address of the computers that access our site. An IP address is a number assigned to your computer when you access the Internet. It is not actually identifying information correctly because many people can access the Internet through the same computer. We use this information in the form of aggregate numbers in order to understand how our website is used and how we can better serve our visitors.

Security of your information:

The hospital conduct reviews and adjusts its security policies and procedures when necessary. We use reasonable care to protect your personally identifiable information and the confidential information you provide to our site. The hospital has a security program designed to effectively reduce these risks.


Disclaimer of Warranty:

The hospital makes no warranties regarding the security, safety and confidentiality of any information transmitted to or from the website or stored on this website. Please note that the website by it's nature, cannot be absolutely protected from intentional or malicious intrusion attempts. Furthermore, the hospital does not control the devices, computers or the Internet, which decide to send confidential personal information, and therefore cannot prevent the interceptions to your personal information while being transferred to the hospital.

In addition, we make no warranties regarding the security, safety and confidentiality of any information transmitted to or from the website or stored on this website.

Limitation of Liability:

User shall be solely responsible for the transmission of his information associated with the use of this website, and for any case of data corruption, intentional interceptions, unauthorized intrusion or access to the information, or any delays, damage or malfunctions that may prevent use of the website.

In no event shall the hospital be liable for any direct, indirect, special, consequential or financial damages, including any fees or fines related to your use of the materials posted on this site or related to connection to this site or your connection to any other site.

The hospital may change this privacy policy without a prior notice. Other services provided by the hospital may require approval of additional terms, to be published.

Privacy Protection:

You should contact us immediately when you believe that someone has been able to obtain your password, username, or other confidential information. You must also use a secure site to browse when online transactions, in addition to closing unused applications on the Internet, and make sure to always update the antivirus program. You must refrain from providing confidential information over the phone or the Internet, unless you know who is talking to you. To preserve your personal information, electronic storage and personal information will be secured through the use of appropriate security technologies.

Warning: By using this website, you accept all above mentioned conditions.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or our use of the information collected through the website, please contact the webmaster at  EMAIL@sfh.med.sa.